A Simple and Powerful CMS for Your Content

Join Sebastian, Dan, and thousands of others who want to manage their content with ContentWorkspace

What's ContentWorkspace?
A powerful headless CMS for teams to manage their content across multiple digital channels, with simple API's for developers to develop in any technology stack.
How It Works
Create a workspace, define content models, publish your content, and let developers take care of the REST via API. We keep it simple so you can focus on what matters most, creating great content.
Step 1
Create a Workspace, brand it, and invite your team.
Step 2
Define Models and Enter Your Content.
Step 3
Consume your content via API and use anywhere.
Feature Highlights:
Custom Models
Manage Media
Assign Content
Auto Translate
Comment Collaboration
Scheduled Content
A.I. Content Generation
Manage Translations
Why It's Great
Configure custom content models, upload your media, manage translations, assign tasks, and leverage the power of AI to generate content. ContentWorkspace gives you a central hub to manage Your Content, Your Way.
Frequently Asked Questions

Our anticipated launch month is April 2024, and our team is working diligently to complete development and testing to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Our platform is designed to be intuitive and simple for content teams to navigate, while also providing developers a powerful CMS with a simple API library to develop within any technology stack. Our platform is highly configurable, allowing you to enable/disable features such as localization, ChatGPT content creation, and content assignment, allowing you to customize our platform into a workspace that fits your needs without all of the extra noise of unused features.

A headless CMS serves all of its content via API endpoints. Our platform's APIs deliver all of your content as JSON, allowing developers to use any technology stack they wish in order to build scalable content experiences.

We're still reviewing our pricing model to ensure our customers can have access to the most affordable and competitive pricing possible.